Day 3 in Peru

See below the image for today’s update.

Dawn woke up with the sparrows at 5am after falling asleep the  night before to rain. We were both up and at breakfast at 6:30am in our resort. Breakfast was served buffet style in our hotel where we ate french toast, potatoes,  sausage, crepes with goose berry jam (yum!), and omelettes.

From there we were off to the Sacred Valley to river rafting in the Urubamba River. These rapids were category 2-3, nothing too crazy for us to handle. We didn’t fall out of the raft- we both jumped in! So refreshing and incredible.  The river rafting lasted about 90 minutes and we followed along through the Andes taking our breath away. Once we were back on land and dry (with towels provided by Disney), we were served some delicious snacks in tents and really enjoyed the sugar rush.  From there we had an amazing buffet lunch at a breath takingly beautiful private residence which was catered by the resort we are staying, Sol Y Luna. The lunch was another Disney Difference, in that one could never experience something like this.  After lunch we traveled to Ollantaytambo to their Incan city that dates back to the 13th Century. We were blown away by the workmanship and the scenery was breath taking. The Disney difference was that we were able to access the ruins much earlier than the rest of the folks which allowed us to take our time exploring. As we came back down we noticed the number of tour groups just starting their journey into the ruins.

We had a relaxing late afternoon and topped the evening off with dinner at the hotel where we were joined by a District Sales Manager and one of the top executive at Adventures By Disney.  For dinner, Tricia had bruchestta with smoked trout, smoked alpaca, and guacamole for an appetizer, trout for dinner and a passion fruit cheesecake. Dawn had salad for appetizer, pasta with a creamy mushroom sauce and peruvian donuts for dessert. Yummy!

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