Day 4 in Peru

Today Tricia and I and about a dozen of us hiked down, in the rain, to the center to the ruins in Moray and then hiked back up- no easy feat, let me tell you! But so worth it!

 From there we went to the salt mines… Dawn’s Mecca, and the whole group knew it. Our Peruvian guide, Ernesto, now knows how to say her name that “Lawn Guyland” way! LOL!  They have this special “pink salt” that you can only get here and actually awakens a 6th taste sense on your tongue. We tried it… and at $3 a bag we bought quite a few bags (Disney actually bought us to a high end store to make sure we were getting the best quality salt).
Then we had lunch back at the hotel and wonderful another show at the resort. The horse preformers let us try too! Dawn actually was allowed to trot off by herself w/out a leader.
From there we went to a pottery museum/factory/working home (link to be posted when we get back). Senor Seminario is amazing. Ironically, Dawn found a salt shaker for $13 that had her name written all over it. Tricia was able to hold his pet spider monkey’s hand for quite a while too…  The children traveling with us were able to make their own pottery while we explored the museum.
Dinner was back at the hotel, where we had a cooking demonstration (Dawn made pisco sours!). We sampled cerviche (Tricia anyway <wink>),  quinoa soup, and then made our own pizzas. The cooking demonstration included a demonstration by a “foodie” who is traveling with us.  The children made their own pizzas (including playing with the dough, while wearing chef hats and aprons).   They also had the opportunity to sample juices made from local fruits.
Nacho, our head chef, gave us a dance demonstration which was GREAT. A jack of all trade, that Nacho!

We have to be up extra early tomorrow for our 6:15AM bus to catch thee 7AM train to Machu Picchu.

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