Disney Cruise Line Rumors

Many Disney fan sites have been reporting Disney Cruise Line will be announcing at the end of the month an addition of two new cruise ships to their fleet in 2015 and 2016. April 25th and 26th there be a Disney press event, “Monstrous Summer”, and the announcement is expected there.

Our take on the rumors? Absolutely true. Whether or not they announcement comes this month, we have no idea.

When we were invited on the Fantasy to celebrate her Christening last year, we stayed after hours talking with some Disney Cruise Line Officers in Skyline bar. We were told there will be 2 ships eventually because they were already in the planning stage last year.  They like to release sister ships especially since demand for Disney Cruise Line is so high- so keep striking while the iron is hot mentality. When the new ships would be ready, they could not say at the time, but would likely be docked in Florida because the market is so competitive there. One other ship would likely dock in Asia- HUGE Asian market and they already have 2 Disney Parks there. One other ship would likely end up at least 1/2 the year in Europe as well, again HUGE market. The Alaskan cruises would likely continue aswell. And… it was no coincidence the Fantasy was Christened in NYC – it will likely be her home port (whether or not it would be year round or only part of the year, they couldn’t say) once the newer ships are released.

We took this information with a grain of  salt and kept it confidential because we weren’t sure of its accuracy. However, with the speculation on the 2 new ships running rampant on the internet, we wanted to share with you what they might expect to happen once these ships are introduced into the fleet. Even if the ships are announced this month, where they are expected to home port likely won’t just yet.


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