Disney moves to preferred vendor status for rentals

If you have been to Disney World®, most likely you’ve seen a stroller, wheel chair or scooter that had the name of a company other than Disney.  Less than a year ago, Disney® went to preferred vendor listing for wheelchairs/scooters.  In the past any vendor could drop off/pick up an item of such at the Bell Stand or Front Desk at Disney® hotels.  Now only preferred vendors are able to do so.

It now appears that the same policy will be put in place not only for wheel chairs/scooters but for strollers and any other type of rentals September 1, 2013.  If you do rent from a non-preferred vendor, you will have to arrange to meet directly with them for both the pick-up and drop off.  Cast members will not be permitted to assist with any part of the rental process including storing the product.  Items falling in this category might include playpens, booster seats, car seats, diaper genies, changing tables, baby device, toys, etc.

If you decide to rent from a preferred vendor, Disney® cast members will still be able to assist in the rental process.  So, on your next trip, be sure to check with your Travel Agent prior to renting any type of equipment if you can’t be there to meet the vendor.

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