Disney World: A mom’s recollection of Fishing – Disney World Style Things to do beyond Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom

Thank you, Debbie, from Castle Dreams Travel™, for the guest post!

My dad was in the Air Force for 27 years.  Our summer vacations typically consisted of driving across the country to a new Air Force Base, as we moved numerous times.  And, we often camped rather than staying in a hotel.  It was my dad who taught me how to fish as a young girl. I have to admit, though, that baiting the hook was never something that I was found of doing.  And, taking the fish off the hook – YUK!!  Those feelings did not change over the years even though my husband enjoyed fishing.  In fact, seldom would I accompany him on his fishing trips.

All that changed when we discovered fishing at Walt Disney World https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/recreation/fishing/ ).  It was my kind of fishing – catch and release.  Plus, the guide will even bait our hook for you.  Better yet, when you catch a fish, they will even take it off the hook and release it for you.  My kind of fishing.

It was the perfect experience, outside the parks.  I could either relax on the boat and watch or I could participate in the fun. My son loved the experience, from a young age.  He quickly learned to bait his hook and loved holding his catch for the camera.  Over the years it has now become a friendly competition between father and son.  One that I choose to opt out of.  And, when we traveled with close friends, they too go in on the competition.

My husband was a seasoned fisherman, my son a novice, when we started.  Now he considers himself quite the angler.  I was a take it or leave it type of fisher “person” … and I can tell you this was a great family experience.

You can choose the type of excursion you would like.  Excursions are conducted all year round on either a 21-foot Tracker pontoon boat that accommodates up to 5 guests or a Bass Nitro Fishing Boat for one or 2 people.

Both 2-hour and 4-hour guided fishing excursions are offered.  And, if you want more, you can schedule an extra hour at the Marina.

What is so “sweet” about these fishing excursions is that all you need to do is show up at the dock.  Walt Disney World provides you with an experienced guide; rod/reel; tackle; bait; non-alcoholic beverages (no personal coolers allowed); and they top it off with a one year Bass Anglers Sportsman Society membership which includes 11 issues of Bassmaster Magazine. Now that is my kind of fun – easy!

Fishing excursions are available at several marinas at selected resorts on Bay Lake and the Seven Seas Lagoon. Resort marinas include:

Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground – https://www.disneywebcontent.com/dcc/10075/7b2f474561128210VgnVCM100000d864a8c0RCRD

My son started fishing at Disney World when he was 8 years old.  He was old enough to be interested in fishing and had a good attention span.  If you are traveling with children of various ages, keep in mind that his is fishing.  There could be times when the fish simply don’t bite.


I always recommend that families bring alternative forms of entertainment on the boat.  Technology today affords us great answers to the age of old adage that might come from the mouths of children:  “I am bored.”  And, I never hesitate to recommend its use.

Also, keep in mind, depending on the time of year you travel to Walt Disney World, the mornings can be cold and damp while the afternoons might be hot and humid.  Planning the time of your excursion, depending on who your fishermen are, could be critical enjoying your fishing excursion.  We have been on the boat for the first excursion in heavy jackets.  Thank goodness we subscribed to “layering” and ended up leaving the boat carrying many of those layers.

This is yet another great “outside the parks” family experience ate Disney World.  For assistance in planning your Disney Fishing Excursion be sure to  Castle Dreams Travel (https://www.castledreamstravel.com/ ).  We would love to help you get started on making your Disney World trip full of magical experiences.

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  1. Lisa says:

    We were there the 6th to 11th. Myself, my Husband and our Son. This was our 3rd trip that included the fishing. Great bass, 2 hour trip #1 – 20 fish, 2 hour trip #2 – 26 fish!
    Next trip, more fishing, less parks!

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