Disneyland & California Adventures: Visiting Tips from an 8 year old

Recently What’s Up With The Mouse had a chance to chat with one of Castle Dreams Travel’s 8 year old Disneyland adventurer.  Grant just returned from a trip to Disneyland and California Adventure with his dad and little brother.  He took a few minutes out of his busy summer schedule to give us some insight about visiting both parks.

California Screamin'[ is the best!

California Screamin’ is the best!

 What’s Up With The Mouse: What is the scariest ride? 

Grant: Tower of Terror.  If it’s your first time be ready.  It’s gonna be a surprise.

What’s Up With The Mouse: Where is the best place to get wet? 

Grant: It’s not Splash Mountain.  And it is not Grizzly River Run “ride.”  The best place is the Grizzly River Run platform by the final drop.  (See video – MAH04339 )  It’s the best cool off place in California Adventure for kids.  If you are a grownup, you do not want to be on the platform.

What’s Up With The Mouse: So where is the best place for grownups to cool off? 

Grant: Your hotel room (he says with a smile).  But in the park there is the Enchanted Tiki Room.  You can get real good pineapple ice cream and watch the show.

What’s Up With The Mouse: What is good big ride for beginners? 

Grant: Definitely not California Screamin’ and not Space Mountain.  For Disneyland, Star Tours and for California Adventure, Soarin over California and Goofy’s Sky School are the best for beginners.

What’s Up With The Mouse: Where is a good place for adults to rest and for kids to run free? 

Grant: Tom Sawyer Island.  Plus its small so you can find your children easily.

What’s Up With The Mouse: What is the best way to watch the shows at night? 

Grant: For Water of Color, get there “really” early and sit anywhere as long as no one is front of you…unless you are really tall!  The wet zone is not too wet.  Then after the show you can walk out of California Adventure and see the fireworks from Disneyland.  For Fantasmic, the same thing … if you are a kid try to seat in the front anywhere.  You don’t need to be in the middle.  And, you can see fireworks from Fantasmic.

What’s Up With The Mouse: Where is the best place to eat? 

Grant: The Little Red Wagon on Main Street in Disneyland.  They are the BEST corn dogs I ever ate.

 What’s Up With The Mouse: What if you want to go Cars Land?

Grant: Get there as early as you can.  Go straight to the Radiator Springs Ride fastpass.  Straight!!  Don’t make any detours.

What’s Up With The Mouse: What are your favorite rides?

Grant: California Screamin!  Space Mountain but not in October when they add the ghost to the ride.  It is kinda of scary.  I like Astro Blasters because I like beating my Dad in the game.  Splash Mountain is nice because of the drop.  Grizzly River Run is fun because you get really wet.  Star Tours is fun because it’s like you are in a real spaceship. 

 What’s Up With The Mouse: What do you look forward to when you go back to Disneyland? 

Grant: Eating at the Little Red Wagon in Disneyland.

So there you have it.  No better advice anywhere! Thanks Grant!  Thanks for letting us know What’s Up With The Mouse at Disneyland and California Adventure.  If anyone else has any hints and tips, be sure to let us know.

A big thank you to Grant, his brother Bryant and his Dad for sharing with us!

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