Disneyland Security Update and Fast Pass Tips

Are you planing to visit Disneyland during their Diamond Celebration

Security at entrances have been reported to have very LONG lines at the parks, Security guards are opening every zipper and looking in all pockets of every bag entering the park. Security is randomly having people go through the metal detectors things like at the airport. Takes a lot more time. We suggest guests plan accordingly.  It is important to note there is no place to go through if you don’t have bags, you must wait in same line as everyone else.  If you have access to entrance to California Adventure through the Grand Californian Resort, security is now room carding everyone who enters here prior to 11am. You must show your room key. They have a metal scanner there and a bag check as well.

Fast pass in Disneyland theme park are a MUST — by noon or you won’t get them –Radiator Springs Racers, Frozen- Live at the Hyperion, and Soarin ( If you stay at Grand Californian- go in the hour before you can walk on this ride, typically). Also keep on mind, neither The Matterhorn Bobsleds nor Toy Story Mania have Fast Pass available.




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