DisneyMania- An Evening in Epcot

After getting things all settled at Pop, we boarded the bus headed to Epcot.

IMG_4871 IMG_4873

As we were walking to security our travel mates literally walked of their bus from Hollywood Studios to meet us! From there we all headed through security, scanned our Magic Bands, took a few pics, then off to Spaceship Earth (Fast Pass #1!)!

IMG_4878 IMG_4885

PhotoPass_Visiting_EPCOT_397798641528 IMG_4889

IMG_4898 IMG_4906 IMG_4910 IMG_4953

After Spaceship Earth we headed to Ellen’s Energy Adventure and then our next Fast Pass for the evening, Mission Space.

IMG_4956 MissionSpace

From here, we noticed the crowds increasing. We had split Fast Passes now, some for Frozen Ever After and some for Test Track. I was with the Frozen group and we headed over to Norway as swiftly as we could.

Now, I have tried to experience Frozen twice before and it just didn’t work out. All I can say is, this attraction didn’t disappoint- we all LOVED it!

From there we headed to the new Royal Sommerhus to meet Anna and Elsa. It is beautifully themed and again, the Queen and Princess did not disappoint!

IMG_4973 IMG_4974 IMG_4975 IMG_4976 IMG_4977

PhotoPass_Visiting_EPCOT_397798887273 PhotoPass_Visiting_EPCOT_7950808550

Meanwhile, Mikey’s first Test Track ride went pretty well…


Then it was time for dinner inside La Hacienda de Angel. This is a tricky place if you aren’t a fan of Mexican food and it can be a little pricey. We weren’t traveling on a meal plan (it wasn’t offered to our group), so the girls were able to order off the kids’ menu as well and you could also order appetizers for your main course, etc.  I ordered the Taco Sampler with only grilled chicken with green tomatillo sauce and grilled steak with roasted Chipotle sauce and rajas poblanos (2 of each kind). I really enjoyed them!

IMG_4979 IMG_4978 IMG_5013 IMG_5014

Having dinner here allows you to relax and watch Illuminations from your dinner table- which is quite spectacular as the lights are dimmed and the music piped in…

IMG_4995 IMG_5001 IMG_5006 IMG_5010

After Illuminations ended, we headed back to the busses and home to Pop for the night- we would be back in the morning for a few more Fast Passes and a trip around the world to hunt for Figment!

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