DisneyMania- Breakfast inside Be Our Guest

Today we had breakfast reserved inside Be Our Guest inside the Magic Kingdom! We were actually really excited for breakfast, we have only had dinner here and we missed seeing the West Wing when we visited a few years ago.

The themeing is just amazing…IMG_6157


Once you step inside, you are instantly transported into the movie!



Be Our Guest, for breakfast and lunch, is a quick service location. Here you order, via kiosks, and your food is magically delivered to you once you take your seat.





We decided to walk through the ballroom,


and settle into the Rose Gallery for breakfast.

IMG_6171IMG_6173 IMG_6176 IMG_6177

Pastries are delivered to your table, to be shared by everyone. Our breakfast arrived quite quickly. Most of us enjoyed the Feast A La Gaston with a Grey Stuff Cupcake.IMG_6178

Jacqueline had Fried Doughnut topped with Banana-Caramel Sauce, Pastry Crème, and Chocolate Ganache with fruit AND the Grey Stuff Cupcake.

FullSizeRender (4)

Mikey had the kids’ French Toast:IMG_6179

After we finished, we strolled over across the ballroom inside the West Wing…
IMG_6180 IMG_6186

The rose is just stunning…


And don’t forget the painting of ‘The Master”!


Before we left, we took another look at the amazing attention to detail here- just magical!

IMG_6190 IMG_6191 IMG_6192

Nearby is Gaston’s Tavern… we walked over to take a quick peek:IMG_6193 IMG_6194

With our tummys full, we set off for our first Fast Passes of the morning…. stay tuned!

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