Disney’s Aulani, a Dream Trip in the Making- Day Seven, part two

This evening we had planned a dream come true sunset photo session on Aulani’s beach. PhotoPass photographers are down on the beach for anyone who would like their pictures taken- and I highly recommend it! We spoke with the photographers ahead of time what would be the best time to meet them and where- and they were more than willing to share those tips with us so our photo shoot was a huge success. We actually had to postpone our dinner 90 minutes to ensure we were on the beach at the optimal time for pictures, which none of us regretted at all.

grp1 grp2 grp3 grp4It really was an sunset night- the weather cooperated and even the pictures I took came out really great too!

Aulani 2014 562 Aulani 2014 563 Aulani 2014 564 Aulani 2014 565Aulani 2014 572 Aulani 2014 573Aulani 2014 589After dinner we all headed to our spot, Off The Hook, before our dinner reservation at Ama Ama. We really reveled in our last night at Aulani. Retelling stories of our week- and what was great as such a big group- we weren’t together all of the time. We could share stories and experiences that others didn’t share and vice versa plus laugh at the times we did share together. I honestly believe this is the key to a successful large, family trip. Understand at the get go that not everyone will want to to the same as everyone else. The key is to not require everyone to do the same thing all of the time and let everyone enjoy themselves doing whatever it is they want to do. Try to meet for at least 1 meal a day to catch up and spend time sharing your day with everyone. Spend full days together if that if what your family wants to do, but don’t expect it.

Unfortunately, 2 of our adults needed some medical attention at Off The Hook- slippery glasses break when they hit the floor and cut feet in flip flops to make a long story short. Aulani’s medical team was very prompt in cleaning out and dressing the wounds insuring the guys that they wouldn’t need any further medical attention and to just keep their wounds clean and dry.

Then… it was dinner time. My only regret of the trip? Not eating at Ama Ama more. This is a truly magical place to have a meal.

The story behind Ama Ama is that you are dining at Auntie and Uncle’s House. As you enter the house, you see where Uncle cleans his fishing gear in the beautiful water feature…

Ama-Ama-Water-Feature2Their house started small, and inside the first part of the house you will see Uncle’s fishing nets still hanging from the ceilings, dripping wet (with crystals)…

Aulani 2014 593 Aulani 2014 594Aulani 2014 591As their family grew, so did their house and you will see footprints in the concrete floors and kids’ names carved into the beams in the extensions of the house…

Aulani 2014 598Our family group was treated to dinner inside the original part of the house, underneath Uncle’s fishing nets. The food did NOT disappoint. Hands down, we all agreed, the best food we had during our stay!

Mike and I started by splitting the Macaroni Au Gratin with Keahole Lobster,Maitake Mushroom, Fontina-Parmesan Cheese, and Herb-Garlic Crust…



Then we both ordered our own Beef Grilled New York Striploin with Farmer’s Market Vegetables and Roasted Fingerling Potatoes.


Our brother-in-law, Brad, ordered the day’s Hawaiian Sustainable Catch Fresh from the fish auction and prepared table side!


Dinner was amazing and everyone enjoyed their dinner, by far the most memorable of the trip and not only because it was our last dinner together- but Ama Ama itself is truly unforgetable. My suggestion? If budget allows- eat here more than once during your trip. Ama Ama also offers breakfast and lunch everyday.

After dinner, we strolled the grounds of this magnificent resort…






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