Disney’s Boardwalk Inn, a Pictorial Review

Disney’s Boardwalk Inn opened its doors on July 1, 1996 with it’s whimsical seashore theme right in the new entertainment district, Disney’s Boardwalk. Upon arriving to the hotel, you are always greeted with a wave and a smile…WDW Nov 2014 067The lobby is famous for its intricate carrousel …

WDW Nov 2014 101You can even spot one of the horses covered in Mickey Mouse!

WDW Nov 2014 102The resort is actually quite small compared to other Disney Resorts with only 378 rooms. Let head outside to go check one out!

WDW Nov 2014 089Once outside, it is hard to ignore to Cottage Suites and their intricate front gardens…

WDW Nov 2014 095WDW Nov 2014 090WDW Nov 2014 096WDW Nov 2014 088This resort’s feel is very relaxed and beautifully manicured as you head to your room…

WDW Nov 2014 094WDW Nov 2014 093WDW Nov 2014 087The standard resort rooms have recently been redecorated and are just stunning…

WDW Nov 2014 092WDW Nov 2014 091BW2 BW3BW4 BW5 BW6 BW7 BW8

Heading back to the lobby, now from the inside of the resort, you pass by some really neat artifacts from a forgotten time- take time to enjoy it all if you get the chance!

WDW Nov 2014 097WDW Nov 2014 098WDW Nov 2014 099Now lets head out to the Boardwalk entertainment area…

WDW Nov 2014 084WDW Nov 2014 074It is out here where you will find some amazing places to eat and more transportation options!

WDW Nov 2014 082WDW Nov 2014 080WDW Nov 2014 085WDW Nov 2014 086WDW Nov 2014 076WDW Nov 2014 075Take some some time to pick up some unique souveniers too!

WDW Nov 2014 078WDW Nov 2014 079From here you also get a great view of the Yacht and Beach Club Resorts.

WDW Nov 2014 083WDW Nov 2014 081Let’s head to the pool! The resort’s swimming area is named Luna Park, whose main pool “Keister Coaster” has a 200 foot water slide! There is also a great water play area for the little ones.

WDW Nov 2014 069WDW Nov 2014 070WDW Nov 2014 072For more information, please contact Castle Dreams Travel.

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