Do you know a child who could use some Disney magic?

Did you know every day at participating Disney Stores across the country, there is a special store opening ceremony? Did you know they also ask a special child who is waiting for that store to open to help with the ceremony?

In our local area in New York, we have found 2 different options. The first option is a Sorcerer’s Apprentice themed ceremony. The selected child is dressed up like Sorcerer Mickey and then performs a bit of magic to open the store. As a thank you that child is given a pin lanyard with a rubber Mickey on the end of it.


Another option we have found has a magical key that helps open the store. The selected child is given the key to help turn the lock and the store opens for the day. As a thank you here, the child receives a smaller version of that key to take home with them.


Both ceremonies are absolutely, totally FREE! This is a great chance for those  kids who are Disney Dreaming to have a little magic at no cost to you!

A special thank you to a fan who sent these pictures to us when her daughter was selected to open 2 different Disney Stores in her area.


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