Dreaming of Italy with Adventures by Disney, Day 1

I still pinch myself that we were lucky enough to take this amazing trip.

We started the day pretty typically. It was a “normal” Sunday, snuggling with my son before getting up to start the day. I finished up laundry, made a great breakfast for everyone- and then the car was here to pick Mike and I up for our flight to Rome. It was bittersweet- leaving the kids for a trip of a lifetime, but it was something Mike and I had been dreaming of doing and when Adventures by Disney gave the members of Disney’s EarMarked Travel Advisory Council the chance to take their Viva Italia trip AND we could bring a guest I couldn’t pass it up. We visited when we were 24 years old and just married, and there was so much we would have done differently- and we knew Adventures by Disney wouldn’t disappoint. I was already familiar as I was fortunate enough to take their trip to Peru a few years back, and now lightening struck twice…


Our flight was pretty uneventful. We tried to sleep (non stop to Rome from New York City), but it wasn’t easy. We both watched “Tomorrowland” and we were fed, twice, which was a nice surprise as well…

Italy2 italy3

Upon landing, we were met by a transportation rep, who wasn’t as excited to see us as we were to see her after such a long flight. Our bags took some time, and I will admit to being a tired and cranky tourist. Once out of the airport, our driver met us- who was by far much more welcoming as he led up to our private car to our hotel in Rome, Gran Melia. Our driver pointed out all of the sights along the way and before we knew it we had arrived and it was gorgeous!




We checked in, and I will admit to being spoiled in Peru as when we arrived there- our room was ready. We weren’t as lucky in Rome- but we had enough time to meet with our Adventure Guides Mike and Marco, and grab a local lunch.  Marco gave us a map, some dining advice, and sent us on our way. Our first hurdle was to withdraw cash- and when there is a language barrier that isn’t always fun. Add in we remembered to contact our credit card company but not our bank (ATM) that we were traveling, we had a bit of a hassle- but it all worked our and had a delicious local lunch!IMG_2960IMG_2957 IMG_2958

After lunch, we headed back to the hotel (a quick walk) and there was a room ready for us- which was such a relief!

IMG_3365 IMG_3366 IMG_3367

IMG_3368 IMG_3369IMG_2961 IMG_2962 IMG_2963 IMG_2968 IMG_2969 IMG_2971Next up was our Welcome Dinner Reception where we were able to all meet our guides again and touch base with the other council members and their guests. Dinner was delicious and Mike and Marco kept everything running smoothly as they laid out our trip ahead for us and the anticipation in the room elevated with every syllable they spoke. What an amazing start to an amazing trip…



We returned to our room after having a few more drinks with our adventurers, and found it even more inviting than before!




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