Dreaming of Italy with Adventures by Disney, Day 2- Part 2

We boarded our motor coach to go North and were treated to some amazing sites along the way including the Altare della Patria, which is a monument built in honor of Victor Emmanuel, the first king of a unified Italy.


Pretty soon we arrive to Le Terme Del Colosseo  for lunch (which was included). This was an AMAZING place to have the perfect Italian lunch!

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I cannot rave about this luncheon enough. The pizza was outstanding. The tiramisu (which I usually do not like) was heavenly. Service was amazing- all you can eat pizza and salad- we weren’t even all that hungry- but how could you not try a slice of margarita, vegtable, and pepperoni?

It was a quick walk over to the Colosseum…


Now, let me preface this special trip, personally for Mike and I. We did visit in 1998- but it was undergoing extensive renovations. My husband, at the time, was fresh out of college- where he studied architecture. He was employed (and still is) by a General Contracting Company. To not be able to truly visit the Colosseum was a huge disappointment for him at the time- and here were were now, visiting 17 years later with Adventures by Disney- getting VIP access to it!

He was a kid in a candy shop as we took pictures outside…

1 2 3Then we entered, I have to admit- the direction signs gave me a giggle!


Once inside, you do feel the immense history begin to surround you.

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We met our private tour guide, he unlocked the gates, and the jaws all hit the ground…

5 5e1 5e2We were then lead on to the stage…

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Next we were led below what was the stage (which is now partially rebuilt) to where the animals and gladiators waited and would then enter for their matches. Just surreal!

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Then were were lead to the upper levels, ultimately reaching as far as one can climb!

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We took in the views before heading back down and on to the Forum.

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From the Forum we hopped back on our motor coach and headed back to our hotel. WE spoke with our adventure guides on where to eat that night (which was on our own) with our friends, Tracy and Bill. Marco was able to make reservation at one of his favorites, Il Chianti.

After we all showered, we hopped in a cab for the quick ride- but for those of you familiar with Rome, you can only get so close to some places by car. So we had to walk a bit and got a touch turned around. Tracy had taken a few Italian classes before we left and was able to ask for directions from a police officer… but didn’t fully understand his answer! At least her accent was convincing! He gave us the directions in English and we were able to find it easily from there. And were we so happy we did!

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The first of many of Tracy’s birthday celebrations:



Can you spot the hidden Mickey in Mike’s coffee?



After dinner we wandered a bit around town, went to a limoncello tasting, and headed off to bed a few more drinks at the hotel bar.



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