Dreaming of Italy with Adventures by Disney- Day 4- part 1, Orvieto

Our last morning in Rome was bittersweet. They came to pick up our bags outside our door at 7am sharp. We finished up getting ready and headed to our last breakfast in our hotel. We boarded our Mercedes Motor Coach headed for Orvieto.  In the words of our Adventure Guide Marco, “Andiamo!”


I am not quite sure why Marco is wearing a shower cap on the bus, but it certainly kept us entertained!

The Italian countryside is just as gorgeous as we expected as we drove through.


Before we knew it, we made it to Orvieto, “a fortified medieval settlement crowned with the magnificent Cathedral of St John”.


Mike and Marco walked our group through Orvieto right up to the Cathedral after a gondola right up into this town up into the Italian mountains, pointing out spaces and places we might want to visit while we were there. We were given enough time to see this quaint, adorable Italian town on our own. Tracy and I decided to head inside the Cathedral, whose striped exterior continued on its interior.

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After that, Mike decided he wanted to take the several hundred step climb up the Bell Tower in the center of town. Tracy, Bill, and I decided to head to find some truffle products and some wine (some of the local delicacies) while Mike was climbing. We were able to find a great shop that sold amazing truffles- they didn’t speak English and Tracy was able to communicate with them and we left with truffles, truffle oil, truffle pasta…


Yes, that is a stuffed wild boar outside the shop!

Meanwhile, Mike was being treated to a beautiful view on the top of the Bell Tower…

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Mike’s staircase on the way down…

Passing behind the clock!


Here is the exterior of the Bell Tower and its clock:


Once Mike came down it was time for gelato, another wine tasting on a local shop, then meet our group for a leisurely walk and gondola ride back to our motor coach.


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What an amazing stop on our way to Tuscany!

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