Dreaming of Italy with Adventures by Disney- Day 4- part 2, Umbria

On our way to Tuscany, we stopped in Umbria for some lunch and relaxation. Relais Gli Ulivi took our breath away as we walked on its property…

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After trips to the restrooms it was time for lunch and then some rest and relaxation by the pool…

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We were also treated to an informal baking class- how to make Nonna’s Cake. The best way I can describe it is almost as a Boston Cream surrounded by pastry- incredibly filing but really good!

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After indulging in a slice of cake, it was time to board the bus and head to our hotel. Mike and Marco had “Under The Tuscan Sun” playing on the movie screens during our road trip, which was neat for those of us who hadn’t seen it. I have to say this was an AMAZING “travel” day. The transition to Tuscany from Rome could be a culture shock because they are so different. Making these 2 stops before ending at our hotel, not only broke the trip up- but eased us into the next “chapter” of our “story” (keeping in mind, each Adventure by Disney vacation tells a story, each individual to those who are traveling). After the 2 very busy, on the go, days in Rome we had prior- this was a very welcomed change.


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