Enjoying Disney in the Rain: A Few Hints and Tips

No better way to enjoy Disney World than in a poncho.

No better way to enjoy Disney World than in a poncho.

While naturally we all want our days at Disney to be filled with laughter and sunshine, sometimes the clouds and rain roll on in.  When that happens, here are a few hints and tips to keep in mind, that will make enjoying the parks in the rain a bit easier.

  • If you are traveling during a time when rain is in the forecast, you can pick up “ponchos” at home prior to leaving for your trip.  They are much cheaper than those you will find at Disney.
  • If you get caught in the rain and need a “poncho” at Disney, they, too, have Mickey on the them.  If they are not out, again, ask at the counter.
  • Most stores in the parks carry umbrellas, but, they don’t usually have them out.  Ask for them at the counter.  They are a good keepsake with Mickey Mouse prominently displayed on the umbrella.  They work great at home.
  • The parks tend to clear out during the rain so it is the perfect time to take in some of those hard to get on rides.
  • For those thinking ahead, a “shamy” used to dry cars after you wash them is a handy tool.  They soak up the water well and can easily be store in your back pack. If you didn’t bring anything from home, put a hand towel in your backpack when leaving your hotel room.  It will come in handy for wiping off wet seats.
  • If you alternate outdoor rides, where you get a little wet from the rain, with indoor rides/shows sheltered from the rain you will get a chance to dry off a bit.
  • Rain storms are a good time to grab a bite to eat.  In Florida, rain can come and go quickly.  So instead of heading back to the hotel, enjoy a sandwich and see if it stops.
  • The lines for Disney transportation can be long when the rain starts.  Again, slip into a place where you can relax (indoor show, restaurant, etc.) and let the crowds thin out.  Waiting in those long lines with wind and rain is not fun.

Do you have your own rainy day hints?  Be sure to let us know and we will add them to the list.

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