Ever dream of being a pirate? This is your chance.


Do you have a child who loves pirates?  Then you won’t want to miss this exciting pirate experience at Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom in Adventureland.  Disney now offers young adventurers the chance to learn the “ins and outs” of being at pirate at Captain Jack Sparrow’s Pirate Tutorial.

At this relatively new experience, young pirate boys and girls, will find their favorite Captain – Jack Sparrow – recruiting volunteers to begin training.  He only selects four special guests to learn all about sword fighting in this outside show. Selection is purely random showing a great deal of pirate enthusiasm, drawing attention your way,  as the Captain begins his selection may help.

Those chosen will begin training in the pirate way with their very own saber for use during the performance. They will learn the art of “distract and flee” to defeat – or in some cases – retreat from their enemies.  Once training is over, Captain Jack will put out the pirate call for all those Disney guests in the area to join his rascally pirate crew. All young pirates answering his call will receive a membership scroll then raise it high and take the official pirate’s oath.

Most days the shows at held several different times during the day.  At last check, a typical schedule found shows at 10:15am, 11:20am; 12:25pm; 2:15pm; 3:20pm and 4:25pm. Naturally the schedule is always subject to change and to the weather.




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