Every Dream Is A Fantasy, Day 4

This morning’s wake up call was QUITE early. Before we went to bed we lost an hour of sleep due to a time change. As we pulled into Cozumel- the engines below our stateroom rocked our room so much in my sleepiness I thought we were experiencing an earthquake! Once that noise settled down, the chairs in Cabanas started… so now, I was awake for the day at about 6am, which felt like 5am with the time change. I had 6:30am wake up calls, but it wasn’t needed.

We all were ready to head out to Cabanas by 7:15am for breakfast. We had an early excursion that was meeting at 8am, “Cozumel Ruins, Chocolate, and Beach Break”.   Breakfast was delicious and quick- finishing in time to meet the Belfonti and Riddle families at the D Lounge to check in to our excursion.

Check in was uneventful, but getting off the ship was. Mike & I had neglected to fill out the proper forms to have the girls disembark with us (Mom was not coming on the excursion with us, and since she is in their room with them and they are minors she needed to escort them off the ship or we needed to have the proper paperwork on file). Mike was incredibly fast getting back from guest services filling out what was needed- but there was a computer glitch that still held it up. After several minutes and even more people working on this problem, we were permitted to disembark together.

The air conditioned coach bus was quite comfortable as we rode to San Gervasio. San Gervasio Isn’t as grand as most sites- but square footage wise, it is quite large. Surprisingly- the kids were really interested in learning about the families that might have lived there, what they did, how they lived there and why. Our tour guide, Margarita, really kept everyone’s interest and answered every question thoughtfully.

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Now, it was REALLY hot- but we all dealt pretty well. We all had packed water bottles and Disney provided them on the bus as well. We were also (well, the adults were) given samples of Pina Coladas and Poco Locos. Nice touch!

Next up was Playa Mia and Mayan Cacao Company. The latter was less exciting for everyone- and we would not have anticipated that. Again, it was really hot and the tour of the un-air-conditioned facility took quite some time. But, it did make for some good pictures and we all loved the samples in their gift shop. 😉


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Next up it was some beach and pool time at Playa Mia! We were given drink tickets to use at the resort- which was great and well needed in the Mexican heat. The kids all fluttered from the pool to the beach and back again. The adults did the same but added in lounge chairs too.

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Once back on board we had time to grab some lunch, shower, and relax a bit before dinner at Royal Court.

Of all of the main dining rooms, the Royal Court menus are my favorite! The food was excellent tonight and our servers had some fun with the kids too!

My favorite Baked Brie…


French Onion Soup…




Beef Wellington…


Apple Tart…45 46 47 48

Tonight’s show was Wishes, a Disney cruise Line original and one of my favorites too. The girls decided to go see Inside Out in the Buena Vista Theater. This left Nana, Mike, Mikey and I to see the show. Mom hung out in the back of the theater while the 3 of us sat in the front row. Mikey was in awe and just made me love this show even more. After the show we went to tuck Mikey in to bed as Nana settled down for the night as well with the girls. Mike and I headed to see John Cassidy (balloon/magician) in the main theater- who was awesome!


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  1. Lakeisha Jackson says:

    Do you think this excursion is ok for a 5 year old? I have it booked and we sail in 7 days. The ruins do not look that compelling… I may have to change our excursion.

    • There were young ones with us and my son was 8 years old… who lost interest during some of it. Keep in mind, it was also super hot in August. The resort was fabulous that we ended the day in. If you have the opportunity- I would suggest trying to spend the day there.

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