“Falling” In Love with Walt Disney World, Arrival Day at The Grand Floridian Resort & Spa

Ahhh… a quick getaway to Walt Disney World, in November, is a luxury few of us get. I have been beyond fortunate to have been a member of Disney’s Earmarked Travel Agency Council for nearly the last two years, and my last meeting was the driving force behind this quick trip for me.


And by quick, I really mean quick- 3 nights staying in Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa, with meetings nearby in their Conference Center. Now, I have never stayed at the Grand Floridian- as I explain to my guests whom I plan vacations with- each vacation has the most perfect resort for the time, guests, etc. The Grand Floridian hasn’t quite fit that piece of the vacation puzzle yet for us.

Upon arriving, realizing Gasparilla Island Grill was closed and under renovation, we (as in we- I mean a few friends who are on the council with me) headed to the pool bar for lunch. We had typical pool area fare of salads, chicken nuggets, and burgers.

After lunch, we headed to our rooms to freshen up before our first meetings of the stay. Now, I have visited the Grand Floridian before for meals and tea, their lobby is truly impeccable. But I have to admit, my room was spotless and simply gorgeous…

I instantly fell in love and regretted not having my family with me.

After our meeting, we were treated to dinner at the Marina where we had the most perfect view of Wishes from the Magic Kingdom…

Now our first day was done and it was time to hurry off and get to bed before early breakfast meetings the next day and some fun planned for that evening….

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