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Castle Dreams Travel is pleased to offer guests departing this December, a $200 Visa Gift Card! This offer is valid on vacations booked now through October 31, 2011. For more information please contact: Castle Dreams Travel, Specializing in Disney Vacations

This offer is only applicable to:

Southern California – 12/18/2011

Egypt (7 nights) – 12/27/2011

Egypt (9 nights) – 12/20/2011

To be fair, when I visited Egypt, we took a cruise and only spent 2 nights of our 14 night cruise in Egypt staying in Alexandria and Port Said. However, we PACKED our days with touring everything we could, knowing that it was likely a once in a lifetime trip. Disney’s 7 night Egyptian Family Vacation and Disney’s 9 night Egyptian Family Vacation both include a camel ride in front of the  pyramids of Egypt. My husband and I were both fortunate to do that- and it was WILD! Truly something we’ll never forget. It is nothing like the mild walk around the ring in the Bronx Zoo that one can take for $5 a passenger. The backdrop of the 3 most amazing pyramids on the planet was spectacular. The pyramids of Giza are adjacent to the great Sphinx- which is really awe-inspiring. We were able to walk down and inside one if the pyramids of Giza, which was a bit creepy. It was empty except for a large stone box- which our tour guide actually encouraged you to lie down in… ew. Mike did though! Then we visited the Egyptian Antiquities Museum (where most of the treasures of all of the treasures found inside the pyramids all over Egypt are housed ad on display) and saw some pretty amazing treasures, especially those that belonged to King Tut (most of which recently went on tour worldwide and we were able to take our kids to visit in NYC).  What we did not do, and what Disney offers on both of its Egyptian tours is a cruise aboard the M/S Tulip along the Nile. This “floating hotel” provides comfortable accommodations on a 3-day cruise from Aswan to Luxor. We weren’t able to tour the tombs of Ramses VI and King Tut in the Valley of the Kings- another stop on the Adventures by Disney itinerary. Something truly special on the 9 night tour is an exclusive snorkeling expedition to Ras Mohammed Underwater National Park to encounter a myriad of species of coral, sea turtles and other aquatic creatures. Sea Turtles are just truly amazing animal to me- one of my absolute favorites! You’ll also enjoy a Bedouin-themed beach party dinner, true Disney magic.

England and France – 12/28/2011

When I was younger, my father took us along on his business trips to London every summer, for 2 weeks. I can remember taking the Double Decker buses, seeing amazing shows on their West End (our Broadway), touring Westminister Abbey (Remember the Royal wedding this past April?) and the Tower of London (where the Queen’s jewels are kept and are on display),  and watching the changing of the guard in frot of Buckingham Palace. On an Adventure by Disney you can do all of that plus visit Paris! Vsit the Louvre, Eiffel Tower, Chateau de Versailles…. kids even have their own exclusive Parisian dinner while adults enjoy the welcome dinner in Paris and take a break at the hotel from the day’s activities.

Costa Rica – 12/23/2011 and 12/20/2011

Italy 12/20/2011

My husband  and I have spent quite a few nights in Italy and in Rome we actually were brazen enough to tour on our own, with a handy Fodor’s tourbook in hand. Silly, I know- but you’d be amazed by all we saw. In 3 nights we conquered most of the city by foot and even toured the Vatican. We took a public tour, 1st thing in the morning- waited on line, but the wait was worth the jaw dropping sites we saw once we were inside. When visiting on an Adventures by Disney tour, you will take a private tour that includes the Sistine Chapel, where Michelangelo’s great masterpiece is located. It is so amazingly HUGE, words cannot describe it. You’ll also visit Walk through history at the ancient Coliseum, the Forum and the Pantheon – which we did entirely on foot (I think it is safe to assume Disney will have you in a temperature controlled tour bus), which in your 20′s is something you don’t think twice about- now in my 30′s… not so much ;)

Our favorite city we visited was Venice. The people were so incredibly friendly and the food was spectacular. It is easily our Heaven on Earth and we have only been there once! Now, this may surprise most- but I would LOVE to spend a week there again – over getting the chance to visit in Disney park instead. SHOCKING, I know- but we truly fell in love with everything Venetian while we were there. We have often said we needed more time and would love to take the kids to see the city we love so much… and with the activities Adventures by Disney has to offer I wouldn’t even try to take them without booking one of their amazing family tours. Of course we took a very romantic gondola ride (which Disney has their guests do as well- though theirs includes a special Bellini toast on board) and fed the pigeons in Saint Mark’s Square. What we were intrigued by were their masks- and when you take an Adventure by Disney, you and your family will meet a renowned mask-maker who showcases her masks for Carnivale in an exclusive event just for the tour. Then, you’ll get to construct a masquerade mask of your own!

If we had more time, I would have  LOVED to have taken a pasta making class in Italy. Taking an Adventure by Disney- our entire family can! This is a  private pasta-making lesson at a Tuscan cooking school.  Nothing sounds better to me than that!

For more information please contact: Castle Dreams Travel, Specializing in Disney Vacations


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