“Get Directions” – a new feature on the My Disney Experience mobile app

Have you been frustrated during your Walt Disney World vacation because you cannot find your way throughout the resort and parks? Beginning this week, you can navigate Walt Disney World® Resort with the help of “Get Directions” – a new way finding feature on the My Disney Experience mobile app!

“Get Directions” allows you to conveniently navigate to your Walt Disney World destination whether walking or taking Walt Disney World Resort Transportation. Using GPS navigation (think Google Maps, MapQuest, etc), this new feature provides you with turn-by-turn walking directions to destinations across the Walt Disney World Resort including Theme Parks, Water Parks, select Walt Disney World Resort Hotels, Disney Springs and many other locations such as Restrooms, Guest Services, shopping locations, etc.

The “Get Directions” feature also provides information on transportation routes to and from Parks and select Walt Disney World Resort Hotels, along with bus, monorail and boat/ferry options.

It is very important, even with this new technology, to remain aware of your surroundings at all times while using “Get Directions” to avoid potential safety hazards.

Will you be using this new feature on the My Disney Experience mobile app?



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