MSC Roadshow 2016

As our loyal readers know, we LOVE MSC Cruise Lines. They are a cruise line that is completely different than what traditional cruise lines offer. Which is great considering my family loves to cruise the Caribbean- just not the same ports each time we sail. That said, I was so excited to receive an invitation to attend the MSC Roadshow in NYC this week. 

Before the roadshow began,  I was invited to a special meeting with Ken Muskat, Executive Vice President at MSC Cruises USA Inc, and the new president of MSC in the US, Roberto Fusaro. The MSC executive team is incredibly accessible and very willing to listen to any questions or concerns travel planners may have with MSC. The meeting lasted nearly 90 minutes, with 9 additional agents in attendance, and I feel like we were able to stress how much we appreciate all they have done but they need to promote more in our area because MSC isn’t the household name as other cruise lines are-  maybe, by possibly bringing a ship up the the North East would be a great start?

At the roadshow I learned even more about MSC Cruises, enjoyed dinner, and all the new things that are on the way with MSC- all sorts of information about MSC Seaside, the new private destination Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve, MSC Meraviglia, and the latest updates on MSC Divina and their luxury suite product, MSC Yacht Club.

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MSC Meraviglia looks stunning, and the places she takes you are just what dreams are made of…

MSC Seaside sets sail out of Miami, year round, in December 2017…

MSC is also developing a magnificent private island, Ocean Cay Reserve, set to open October 2018. This island is close enough to Miami- the MSC ships that visit can stay until MIDNIGHT. The island is 95 acres with 6 different beaches for guests to enjoy across 1.5 miles, including a dedicated family beach and a private beach for Yacht Club guests. There will be a variety of sports available- including a zip line!


Ever dream of 24 butler service while cruising? Then the MSC Yacht Club is for you…

MSC is also super supportive of our military- they offer up to a 10% discount that includes active & retired military personnel, plus family members including spouses, parents, in-laws and dependent children. Enjoy a full 10% off select sailings for Balcony Staterooms, Suite and MSC Yacht Club 1 accommodations. Or receive 5% off Interior and Ocean View staterooms. The best part is Military personnel receive 100% future cruise credit for redeployment.

That very same military discount- is offered to Civil servant as well (basically any Municipal Employee- teachers, firefighters and police, postal workers, transit employees, etc) AND you can combine the Military and Civil Service Rate with any current MSC promotion.

Are you a fan of another cruise line and have an elevated status in their reward program? MSC will MATCH that for you too.

The following day, MSC released some AMAZING cruise deals on both their European cruises and Caribbean cruises. This includes 2 for 1 Cruise Deals: Choose from Caribbean, Mediterranean & Northern Europe sailings! PLUS kids 11 years old and younger sail FREE on most sailings!

In February, I will be sailing the Caribbean with my family on MSC Divina, want to join us?



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