My 12 Nights of Disney, Day 11

Day 11, our last full day at Sea! We kept breakfast light again today, as the adults were heading to Palo for brunch just after noon.

After breakfast we headed to the pool for a bit and another lunch for the kids poolside before heading back to get ready for brunch (and dropping Mikey at the kids’ club).

Tip One: Palo’s Brunch is HUGELY popular, try to reserve this before your cruise departure to avoid disappointment.

Palo’s Brunch is another upcharge (at the time it was $20 per person, it has since risen to $25 per person this week, or on the 20th of the month for the Disney Magic, see: ) dining experience on Disney Cruise Line, and one of our favorites. Palo’s brunch is a partial buffet and partial menu based meal. You order your entrée off the menu and can return to the buffet for appetizers and desserts. You can order as many entrees as you would like- and your server will likely encourage you to do so. I ordered the chicken parm that is served over risotto – which is amazing and I highly recommend it!

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To compare, Palo’s brunch is not nearly as long as Remy’s entirely plated brunch that we experienced earlier in the week. Brunch at Palo could be completed in 90minutes- about half the time brunch at Remy had taken.

After brunch we decided to get changed, pick up Mikey, and head back to the pool for a little while and relax while we could. We were trying to soak up as much as we could during our last sea day. The kids absolutely loved this area of the ship- both pools are located here; so is the Funnel Vision, Mickey’s Slide, AquaDuck, Luigi’s Pizza and Tow Mater’s Grill (kids’ favorite lunch spots), and Eye Scream (self-serve soft serve ice cream). If you have been reading along, you know how much time we spent on mid-ship, deck 11! Mike and I also took turns sneaking over to the adult’s only Quiet Cove Pool (which was where my mom was hiding out at the Cove Café with her book) which was only a few steps away on the same deck but on the forward portion of the ship.

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We left deck 11 and headed back to deck 9 to our staterooms to get ready for Kate and Mikey’s appointments at Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. Tonight was semi-formal night and we needed to shower and look our best!

Tip Two: Makeovers at Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique sell out quickly, be sure to reserve this in advance if you would like your child’s makeover. On non- pirate nights girls and boys, under the age of 12, are the only ones seen by a Fairy God Mother in Training.

Our appointments were right before dinner, and once we arrived my niece, whose appointment was ahead of us, was already waiting. We also saw Mikey’s friends George again- who was getting a full Captain Mickey makeover! Mikey was hoping he was getting one too, but I reminded him he was there to become a knight instead (Captain Mickey is the same pricing as Captain Jack is, $100. The knight makeover is $16). The girls were getting princess makeovers, with the coach package which included hair, makeup, nails, crown, and a sash ($55).

We waited a bit, which got us very nervous because tonight we were eating in Animator’s Palate again- and it was show night! We were advised by our servers not to be late, and now I was stressed out.

Before we knew it, the kids were each called and we were on our way.

Disney 2013 923Disney 2013 928Disney 2013 932Disney 2013 943Disney 2013 946Disney 2013 950

Once we were done, we raced down to Animator’s Palate so we could order and start drawing!

Tip Three: Ask your servers when your drawing will appear on screen during dinner. Our servers let us know to be prepared around 7pm (we had the first dinner seating) to see our creations come to life on the screens surrounding the dining room so we were prepared with our cameras.

Disney 2013 971Disney 2013 973Disney 2013 977Disney 2013 984Disney 2013 999Disney 2013 1013Disney 2013 1018

We also ordered all of our meal (so the servers wouldn’t have to interrupt during the show to take dessert orders) at once tonight. I decided to try buttered popcorn soup with caramelized popcorn and spiced cornbread, Peppercorn Crusted New York Strip sauteed green beans and corn with whipped Yukon Gold Potatoes and brandy sauce, and finished with Sweet Temptations  which included a miniature tasting of Cinderella’s lemon infused cheesecake, chilled chocolate souffle and tiramisu.

Disney 2013 963Disney 2013 967

After dinner we headed to meet Daisy Duck with Mike’s parents before heading to tonight’s show ….


After the show we went to meet Mademoiselle Minnie Mouse, whose likeness is featured in the statue in the atrium.


Afterwords, Mike headed out with his family again and I headed back to the rooms with the kids and my mom.

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