My 12 Nights of Disney, Day Eight

On Day 8, we woke up early for breakfast at Cabanas and the pools! We were meeting another family from our group, whose son Mikey adores, and we didn’t want to be late. We were on time, and met them as we were walking to Cabanas for breakfast. The buffet for breakfast at Cabanas is full of variety and it surprised us that there was such a variety of fresh fruits available too.

Tip One: Cabanas is the first to open for breakfast each morning, serving dry and cold food at 7:00am and then hot foods appear around 7:30. We were there around 8am.


After breakfast we positioned ourselves at the pool again with a great spot. The girls quickly hopped on the AquaDuck line and the boys decided they wanted to try the AquaLab.

Disney 2013 435

Disney 2013 454Disney 2013 453Disney 2013 455Disney 2013 450Disney 2013 451Disney 2013 452

I also checked out the mini golf area with the boys…

Disney 2013 481Disney 2013 480Disney 2013 483Disney 2013 482

After spending a few hours by the pool, Mike and I needed to head back to get ready for our brunch at Remy. The girls decided they wanted to stay by the pool (Tricia’s family was arriving shortly as were my nieces) and we took Mikey with us to freshen up and drop him at the Lab for the afternoon after he spent a bit more time at the pool with his buddy Connor.

The Remy Champagne Brunch is an experience like nothing I have ever had before. Keep in mind, I am SUPER picky. I don’t like most seafood or veal. If it is green, I probably won’t like it either… but I really wanted to give this a try, and I do not have any regrets! Upon your arrival you are given an introduction in the by a chef and wine steward with an introductory glass of champagne and some prosciutto. Then you are seated. We were a group of 7 adults, and we were treated to the private dining room…

Disney 2013 491Disney 2013 492Disney 2013 494Disney 2013 495Disney 2013 496Disney 2013 508

Tip Two: Keep in mind, Remy’s brunch is a 6 course meal at $50 per person upcharge fee. You also have the option of an additional $25 per person to have a champagne pairing with each of your courses. Everyone in our party agrees to the upcharge (when in Rome, right?).

There is bread waiting for you at the table…

Disney 2013 497


We started our meal with Sweetcorn Emulsion…

Disney 2013 498

Then we moved on to caviar…

Disney 2013 500

Keep in mind; I don’t like fish- so instead I was treated to gnocchi…

Disney 2013 499

Moving on to the Sea Bass…

Disney 2013 501

I was treated to chicken instead…

Disney 2013 502

Then veal…

Disney 2013 504


But I had Wagyu Kobe beef instead, which was outstanding! We each had potato croquet with our main dish as well…

Disney 2013 503

Dessert was Paris Brest with ice cream…

Disney 2013 507

And we were given treats to give the kids when we left!

Disney 2013 511

Now, as amazing as brunch was- it took just over 3 hours to complete. Yes, 3 hours. So now it was nearly 3:30pm and we had dinner at 5:30pm- I felt like a stuffed turkey at Thanksgiving with a buzz.

After brunch we sat a bit outside at Meridian. It really is gorgeous there, but be warned, for those of us that do not smoke- smoking is permitted here. For those that do- here is you spot!

Disney 2013 512

Now it was time to change and gather up the kids, Tangled was on Funnel Vision by the pools and Mikey was probably in need of some fresh air after being in the club for so long.

We went to change, picked Mikey up, and headed back to the pool with the girls. It was a nice hour or so of relaxation before it was back to the room to freshen up for dinner at Animator’s Palate!

When sailing on the Disney Fantasy, you are treated (and I do mean treated) to Animator’s Palate twice during your cruise. The first night you are joined at dinner by Crush from the Disney Pixar movie, Finding Nemo. During dinner, Crush and his friends visit and he will interact with a few diners from the dining room. We were thrilled our daughter, Kate, was chosen to talk with Crush! Finding Nemo was her favorite growing up, and this was fantastic. We skipped Turtle Talk with Crush (Kate has spoken to Crush twice there as well) when we visited Epcot and this surely made up for it.

Disney 2013 521Disney 2013 522CrushDreamAPAP2

Dinner is an experience here (my second of the day- but keep in mind, I really have no business eating anything right now). The room is decorated like an animator’s studio and you will find artifacts surrounding you that would help any animator during his or her work. For tonight’s dinner I ordered Baked Potato and Cheddar Cheese Soup to start and Lemon-Thyme Marinated All Natural Chicken Breast for dinner. I was over stuffed and couldn’t find the room for dessert tonight.

After dinner, Mikey really to visit with Buzz and Woody from the toy Story films. We did not get to visit them in Walt Disney World and they were scheduled to be in the Lobby Atrium tonight.

Tip Three: Lines to meet the characters can be long, so plan accordingly. We got on line to meet Buzz shortly after 7:30pm and when we were done, we got right back on the same line to meet Woody who was coming out a half hour after Buzz started at 8pm.

Disney 2013 531Disney 2013 532

Mikey was thrilled to meet with them both and didn’t mind the wait on the line, thank goodness. After our character meets, we headed to meet the family at the Walt Disney Theater for Wishes, an original show produced exclusively for Disney Cruise Line. Again, really try not to miss the shows, but if you do…

Tip Four: The shows in Walt Disney Theatre are shown on your stateroom television each night a few times each night. So, if you have to miss, you can watch it in your stateroom.

After the show, another family favorite, Stitch, was going to be on deck 4’s balcony- so the kids and I headed there to meet with him.

Disney 2013 554

Tip Five: The characters are well placed all over the larger, general areas of the ship. Check your Navigator for appearance times and locations so you are not disappointed.

Now, I was wiped. Just after 10pm and the kids, Mom, and I were done for the night. Mike met his parents, sister, and brother in law for drinks at Currents outside on deck 13. Once back at the room, we did order milk and cookies for Mikey from room service and the girls were texted by their cousins (all 4 of them now 😉 ) to meet for ice cream on deck 11 before bed.

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