Our Disney Side @Home Celebration

Sunday, February 23rd was chosen for us to hold our Disney Side @Home Celebration- except we didn’t have it at home. 😉 We chose to have the party at our local Knights of Columbus Hall. Castle Dreams Travel was sponsoring part of the event, so we decided to go bigger and make it a customer appreciation event. We chose a Disney Destination theme because, to us, the best place to show your Disney Side is on a Disney Destination vacation.


In the days leading up to the event, we rented a popcorn machine- as it went with our theme. As you walk around the Disney parks that is one of the smells you associate with being at the parks – plus it tastes great too. With that we decided to have a sampling of snacks and desserts you can find in a Disney theme park. We had Disney cookies, Mickey shaped pretzels, Cotton Candy, and Churros too. A big hit were the cupcakes with “the grey stuff” on top from the new Be Our Guest Restaurant in New Fantasyland!


We had drinks set up in another area with new Disney labels as well as a bottle of Inca Kola from Peru- an Adventures by Disney destination I was lucky enough to take.


photo (43)

photo (42)

We decorated the tables with Mickey Ears for everyone, Disney Destination brochures and maps from the Walt Disney World theme parks, Disney Crayons and pens, Walt Disney World stickers, and confetti. We had music from the Disney Parks playing throughout the party time and Disney Destination posters on the walls too. We decorated the food area with Disney Side signs and food signs identifying the food we had as food you can also find in the parks as well.


Then we had a prize table- Mickey fleece blankets, Vacation planning DVDs, key chains, trophies, Run Disney Rubber bracelets, Muppet Movie calendars, Mikey and Minnie prints, Disney Magic postcards, Disneyland Magical Mickey Pens, and Run Disney Posters and window stickers.


As guests arrived they found printables at the tables- connect the dots, word searches, and mazes to keep everyone busy as they settled in.

We also set up a decorate a cookie section by our food area for everyone to decorate a Mickey hand or head with icing and sprinkles.

After everyone was settled we played Disney Destination Bingo- which was included in our Hostess Kit we were sent when we were selected to have the party (it went GREAT with our theme too!). Everyone LOVED this! We kept playing until every card was a winner and our prize table was nearly bare.

We also took a group picture of all of the kids showing their Goofy Side!


Then we moved on to Guess the Disney Song- this was a handout we gave everyone to work at on their own leisure and about a half hour later we gave everyone the answer key to check their answers off.

From there we handed our Disney paper airplanes for the kids to make and Build an Olaf (from Disney’s Frozen) for the kids to take home.

Overall, I think the party was a huge success. I cannot thank Disney @Home Celebrations and Castle Dreams Travel for such a wonderful way to spend a Sunday!


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3 Responses to Our Disney Side @Home Celebration

  1. Rich P. says:

    Looks like it was a blast.

  2. Jody says:

    It was a lot of fun. My son had a great time- didn’t want to leave. And thanks again for the fun prizes!

  3. Brian Bast says:

    Thanks so much for inviting us Dawn,

    Amanda & Jessica as well as Andrea and I
    had a Super Awesome time discovering our Disney Side.
    The Disney Bingo and Disney Trivia were both a Big Hit!
    We enjoyed the Disney Decorations and the Disney Treats
    and we very much appreciated the Disney Souvenir’s that
    Amanda and Jessica were able to bring home.
    We can not wait until your next event!

    P.S. The pictures were fantastic, who is your photographer? 😉

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