Pandora — The World of Avatar Inaugural Expedition, Na’vi River Journey

After riding Flight of Passage for a second time after lunch, we got world that the Na’vi River Journey was finally up and running! The actual journey to the entrance of the attraction is stunning….

IMG_7757 IMG_7758 IMG_7759 IMG_7760


Once you board your raft/boat (which holds 7-8 guests only), the ride is absolutely and stunningly beautiful… and quick. Compared to Flight of Passage- which has an actual “flight time” of 5 minutes- this ride was just over 3 minutes. That said, again, it is GORGEOUS.


IMG_0506IMG_0507 IMG_0508 IMG_0509

This is a beautiful attraction and gives the guest a chance to experience the peace of Pandora in the dark. This attraction is appropriate and available to guests of all ages and I encourage everyone who visits Pandora to experience this incredible attraction that you absolutely will need to experience more than once to truly see all of the details found along the river.

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