Pandora — The World of Avatar Inaugural Expedition, The Anticipation

IMG_6873After attending the Pandora showcase in New York City, I was so surprised to receive a formal invitation to Pandora’s Inaugural Expedition the next day. Yes, I had already accepted the emailed invitation, but I wasn’t expecting the invitation I received…

I will be arriving on a Tuesday afternoon and heading straight to Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa. That evening I am expecting to attend a dinner and hoping to be heading to the Magic Kingdom to see the new Cinderella Castle Projection and Fireworks show, “Happily Ever After”.

The next day, I am attending an exclusive sales breakfast followed by a first hand look at Pandora. That evening there is a Dinner Party inside Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park that I will be attending as well before heading home the next day.

Again, another whirlwind trip, but I am so humbled to be included to attend this event and represent Castle Dreams Travel.

Another look at the invitation…


IMG_6862 IMG_6863 IMG_6864 IMG_6865 IMG_6866 IMG_6867 IMG_6868 IMG_6869 IMG_6870

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