RCCL’s Adventure of the Seas Re-Imagination: Breakfast in Windjammer Cafe

Early morning came, we got ready for the day, and decided to head to Windjammer Cafe vs  Cafe Promenade (our 2 breakfast options). We enjoyed their lunch buffet the day before and the variety they offered. We felt Cafe Promedade was great for a quick snack or meal, but we were quite hungry this morning.

Once we got there, it was really crowded- lots of passengers departing with a few staying for the following cruise. We grabbed a table and then headed up to the HUGE buffet…

So, what did I choose?

Now, granted we were really hungry- but we both really enjoyed our breakfast. Never feeling rushed and lots of smiling faces from the staff. Everything was clean and delicious- an ideal way to end this experience!


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