RCCL’s Adventure of the Seas Re-Imagination: Final Thoughts

After breakfast, we meandered trhough the ship a bit- lots of neat spaces to get lost in and then you walk into some awe-inspiring art…

Once we disembarked, it was really easy to find our way back to our car- and the parking rates (even though ours were included with the event) aren’t terribly priced either:

The view from the top of the parking garage was stunning…

I have been home quite a while now and after going through all of the reading material  we were given during the event and some more Royal Caribbean Cruise Line training, I can completely see why so many traveling LOVE Royal Caribbean Cruise Line. There is quite a a variety of options offered to their passengers and their customer service, from my experience, had been stellar. This ship’s public spaces were absolutely gorgeous and well thought out, very inviting- but our stateroom could have used some updating as well as the hallways leading to it. The ship isn’t horribly huge- 1,557 staterooms that can accomodate 3,807 guests onboard. Adventure of the Seas is 1,020 feet long and 157 feet wide- over 3 times as long as the Statue of Liberty is high. We might make our way back on board for a proper sailing- but I think the options on Anthem of the Seas, also sailing out of New Jersey, might be more enticing for my kids for a family cruise. That said, Mike and I would have no problem sailing Adventure of the Seas again- next time trying some more of the dining options like Izumi, Giovanni’s Table, and Chops Grille.

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