RCCL’s Adventure of the Seas Re-Imagination, Our Arrival, Inside Stateroom, and The Royal Promenade

On Thursday, May 10th, My husband and I boarded Royal Caribbean’s Adventure of the Seas for a night that was billed, “One Bold Night”- a celebration of the ship’s Re-Imagination.

I will be completely honest, I have only sailed 3 cruise lines and this would be my first overnight on a Royal Caribbean ship. I have toured them, but this would be my first overnight.

First impression was pretty good. Check in at the Port of Bayonne in New Jersey was quick and painless. We had uploaded our pictures during the online check in process before we left home & grabbed our passports, so no worries there.

Once onboard, we decided to head to our stateroom, as we were told it should be ready momentarily. We were located on deck 6 between both elevator banks. Upon arrival to our room (which we thought was odd our door was open) we took a few pictures and headed back out to explore some of the public spaces, lunch, and a few stateroom tours before dinner. Our stateroom host let us know he was still working on our room but it it would be ready upon our return (we asked for our beds to be converted from the two twin beds to a King bed).

First we headed staright to the Royal Promenade below us- we could see it when we headed to the elevator and were excited to check it out! Our first stop was The Duck & Dog..

My Kamikaze Martini next to Mike’s Long Island Iced Tea…


In the Royal Promenade, there are soda machines avaialble for those on a soda package- which is super convenient.

You will also find a Ben & Jerry’s, Starbucks, and and LOTS of shopping. Our next stop was the Cafe Promenade for a light snack 😉

Next we decided to take a beautiful, glass elevator ride up to the spa for a tour.

And just in case you forget what day it is….

Stay tuned for more!

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