Tangled bathrooms open in Walt Disney World!

The much-anticipated Tangled themed bathrooms opened this weekend, and after seeing the pictures of them I am putting them on my “must see” list for our next trip and we suggest you do too!



You will recognize the Tower, of course, complete with a creek a waterfall plus ivy growing up the sides. The detail continues on the ground with Maximus’ hoof prints and apple scraps. Once you get to the area itself, you are instantly transported to a German/French inspired town with areas to sit and even recharge your electronics! You will start to notice the wanted posters, streamers & lanterns, and a neat game to help pass the time while waiting for friends and family, ” Find Pascal’s Friends” (10 hidden friends throughout the area for you to find!). There is seating on barrels and tree stumps with tables as well.

tangled2 tangled3

The men’s room is themed as if you were visiting the town’s tavern as depicted in the movie (where they sang “I’ve Got a Dream”)  complete with even more wanted posters and cast iron frying pans. Outside you will even find Flynn Rider’s satchel! The lady’s room as if you are visiting Rapunzel’s home with paint supplies, murals, a guitar, and books.

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