The Best Christmas Gift Yet, A Trip Report- An Evening inside Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Sugar Loaf Desserts

On our way to our late lunch and very early dinner reservation at the Sci Fi Dine In, we took time to enjoy the sights, missing our Adventures by Disney trip a bit…

Did I happen to mention how hot it was? Mid 80s- much hotter than normal for the first week in January. Once we checked in we noticed Sci Fi had a cooler out for fresh ice water for guests, which was much appreciated. We didn’t really wait too long, just a few minutes until we were seated in the shaded air conditioning.

Sci Fi has LONG been one of our favorites and a super hard reservation to get. We haven’t been in a few visits and this was a perfect respite today from the heat. The kids ordered their usual burgers and chicken with fries but Mike and I decided to try the steak

The picture does not do it justice (it is so dark t is hard to get decent pictures)-  it is served with Seasonal Vegetables, Roasted Potatoes (Mike did ask for fries instead), and Bacon Vinaigrette topped with Herb Butter. OUTSTANDING. Not sure why we haven’t ordered this before other than we are creatures of habit- but I do highly recommend it. That said, I was pretty full. Our server kept my ice cold Diet Cokes flowing, so I really didn’t need a dessert. Mike and the kids had shakes with their meals- and they were pretty full as well. Our server brought out the dessert menus and the kids decided on fruit bowls (yes, no joke) and Mike and I ordered chocolate martinis- that were counted as our dessert via the meal plan!

Our server let us linger a bit before heading back out into the heat so we could enjoy the last few moments of shade and air conditioning. We just love it here!

We had some time to explore a bit before our next fast passes began… we found the official entrance to Galaxy’s Edge (AKA Star Wars Land):

We decided to head into Muppet Vision 3D- another oldie but goodie we often try to visit as all 5 of us LOVE the Muppets.

By the time Muppet Vision was over, we were ready to walk into or next Fast Pass for Star Tours. Now, I have NOT ridden this in years. In fact, since we were in Disneyland during our Adventures by Disney trip was the last time I rode it as I am so prone to motion sickness. I decided to try again as I rode Flight of Passage and well, didn’t feel great after that but LOVE Star Wars so much  wanted to try. I am so glad I did…
I could kick myself for not riding this at least during our lat trip- I LOVED it. I LOVE the characters- they are like old friends at this point in my life. I actually felt worse coming off Flight of Passage than I did Star Tours! I don’t think I will be avoiding this attraction any longer 🙂

No we strolled again… admiring the Christmas decorations once again and twilight had set in.

We did a bit of window shopping and then stopped to watch Sunset Seasons Greetings- which was so good and plays pretty much all night long. Very festive!

All 5 of us had Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith Fast Passes, but Mikey and I really wanted to check out Toy Story Land at night- so Mike went riding with the girls and Mikey and I went on our way back to Toy Story Land.

These are just adorable and neither  of us remember them from last year.

We made it!

We even saw Buzz Lightyear!

After Toy Story Land, Mikey and I headed back to Sunset Boulevard to meet the rest of our family to catch a little more of Sunset Seasons Greetings before our next Fast Pass.

We decided to head into our last Fast Pass for Fantasmic about 45 minutes before the show was scheduled to start and the theater fills up really fast, even with a Fast Pass.

So, we snacked. Mikey and I picked up some popcorn in Toy Story Land and the girls went to grab us some more at the concession stands insiFde the theater while we waited at our seats.

Fantasmic is one of Mike’s favorites, and we haven’t seen this is a few years- and it sure NEVER disappoints!

After the show, we headed back to The Grand Floridian after a really long day now. Catching a few snowflakes along the way…

Back “home”, the Gingerbread house was now gone- but the tree was still standing and will through the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend for guests to enjoy.

We did get back in time to enjoy a few more desserts and snacks in the lounge…

Everyone headed up to our room to start showering and I decided to take a few moments in the lounge to enjoy my evening indulgence.

Next up tomorrow? A full day inside the Magic Kingdom!

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