The Best Christmas Gift Yet, A Trip Report- Animal Kingdom Theme Park

We excitedly hopped on the next bus to Animal Kingdom Theme Park for the first of our 6 Fast Passes for the day. We were at the entrance to the park around 1:30pm and took a few family pictures with their tree out front.

We purposely tried to take our time going from attraction to attraction as the crowds were far bigger than what we were used to (this was now January 2nd). Along the way we saw a few macaws..

And took a few more family pictures in front of the Tree of Life.

We then made our way over to DinoLand USA for our first Fast Pass.

Next, it was time for Expedition Everest!

Then we strolled over in the direction of Pandora for our next Fast Pass, trying to take in the sights of the areas along the way.

We came across a PhotoPass photographer nearby a tree where scarves and garlands are hung as offerings. There are also bells representing prayers that have been answered.

An hour and a half after arriving at the park, and two Fast Passes later we arrived in Pandora.

We still had some time before our Flight of Passage Fast Pass, so we decided to head over to grab a Night Blossom drink when we met a scientist from Alpha Centauri Expeditions (ACE) wearing the Pandora Utility Suit, who told his story of Pandora, his experiences here, and what it’s like to be on this planet. Pretty neat and new for us to see and hear…

But we didn’t forget our Night Blossoms!

Once we had cooled off a bit in the shade and enjoyed our drinks (also a great use of a snack credit on the dining plan), we were off to Flight of Passage.

We leisurely strolled through the rest of Pandora- it’s just so beautiful and peaceful here- even with the crowds.

On our way towards the exit, we took the time to visit with the cranes and flamingos too.

Now we were headed towards Epcot to try out Mobile ordering and our last 3 Fast Passes of the day. We spent 3 hours in the park and felt quite accomplished!


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