The Disney Wish Enchanted Showcase Cruise, A Busy Day at Sea

Well, I was up early today. When I have a lot to do, I tend to do that. I enjoy walking an empty ship. Helps me get my bearings, see where things are without the crowds trying to do the same.

I settled into Marceline Market for breakfast, where Tricia joined me before our incredibly busy day.

Today between 8am and 2pm there would be 7 staterooms available for us to tour and take any pictures and videos we needed. Between Noon and 2pm, the Marvel Superhero Academy would also be available. As we went from stateroom to stateroom, we also tried to take pictures and videos of the public spaces around the ship as well. We also had day passes for the Rainforest Room in the Spa, so we wanted to check that out (we paid for those). At 2:30pm we had a regional meeting with our Disney Sales Manager and a Cast Member from Disney Cruise Line Groups in Keg and Compass learning about a new program they are launching. An hour later we had a Sales Presentation in Luna Lounge with a few special guests including Miss Marvel, the voice of Goofy, and Jodi Benson. In between the tours, Tricia and two other friends had signed up for Champagne tasting in Nightingale’s at 1:30pm. We also needed to find time to squeeze in lunch…

I won’t bore you with the details, but it was a crazy busy day.

I am so grateful we did get some time in the Rainforest, we were able to relax n the loungers and then chat with a few other owners in the outdoor hot tubs…

All of the staterooms are so unique, the suites are amazing… we ate lunch at Festival of Foods and LOVED it. We had pizza that was made to order and INCREDIBLE.

After our last sales meeting, Tricia and I went back to Festival of Foods for “second lunch”- a perk of having the second dinner seating…. this time we had tacos!

Now, another perk of second seating? NO WAITS AT THE AQUA MOUSE!

We LOVED it & were able to ride THREE TIMES. It was AWESOME!

We aren’t done yet! It’s Pirate Night!

Tonight, we have dinner inside 1923, AND a reservation at Hyperspace Lounge! Stay tuned…

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