The Disney Wish Enchanted Showcase Cruise: Castaway Cay Day & Night

Welp, I was up early- no surprise.

I decided to take a stroll around the ship- it is truly GORGEOUS. Very different than the 4 other ships in Disney Cruise Line’s fleet, I cannot stress that enough. Not only is everything elevated as far as finishings, spa offerings, menus, etc but the entire ship’s layout is different, the staterooms are all very different, the restaurants are very different as well. It’s really hard to grasp it all in a 3-night sailing, I cannot even imagine being able to do it all within a 4-night sailing- but that’s what return trips are for.

Tricia met me at 1923 for breakfast, we wanted to try something different and this was a nice, quick surprise.

By 10am we had disembarked and decided we were going to spend the day at Serenity Bay, the adults’ section of Disney’s Castaway Cay, with our friends.

We spent the day lounging in chairs, in the water enjoying each other’s company. We headed over to the buffet for lunch around 1pm, and were headed back to the ship around 3:30pm. It was an incredibly relaxing day after the hectic day we had yesterday!

Tricia and I were meeting our Sales Manager once we were back onboard at 5pm, then we were headed to see the very first showing of The Little Mermaid in the Walt Disney Theater!

The show is again, very different than the typical shows you will enjoy onboard your Disney Cruise vacation. There is some interpretation you will need to do to follow as well as the story is obviously shortened. I enjoyed the show, but I can see where families with small kids might have a hard time with this show.

After the show we headed to Hook’s Barbery for a custom old fashioned, which was actually a very cool experience and this I highly recommend…

Dinner tonight was in Marvel…

Not going to lie, this wasn’t my favorite. My shrimp appetizer was AMAZING and if they brough me 2 or 3 more, this could have been my entree. I really didn’t get the best cut of steak and I didn’t enjoy the gnocchi at all. The chicken entree was good, not great- but the best of the three I tried. For dessert, they brought mini brownies, and I did enjoy my cheesecake.

During dinner, there is a storyline played out on the screens around the dining room and we did get visits from AntMan and The Wasp- thought they do not stop for pictures with guests.

As exhausted as we were, we decided to end the night at The Bayou with martinis- and we had a very quick Belle sighting on the way!

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