The Disney Wish Enchanted Showcase Cruise, Resort Pre-Day

Any good Travel Planner will tell you to arrive the day before your cruise vacation. Especially in this travel climate, with delays, cancellations, long wait times, it’s all a real possibility. Then factor in the stormy summer weather… ya, arrive a day early.

My flight took off from NYC around 7:45am after a slight delay but was already headed to pick up my bags by 10:30am and was driving under the Welcome to Walt Disney World sign by 11:15am.

I arrived at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort at 11:20am, checked my bags and headed to the Event Check in to grab my credentials for the next day.

I didn’t intend for my nails to match so well!

By 12:30 I had hopped on a bus and arrived at Epcot. My one Epcot objective was to try Connections Cafe for lunch, and I was STARVING. I mobile ordered and then went to Creations (right across the way) while I waited for my food to be ready. I had read all about the chicken sandwich and I really wanted to try it and it was REALLY good. Seating, I assumed would be a hassle as the restaurant was packed- but I was able to find a table and could eat comfortably. When I was done, a Cast Member helped me clean up my dishes and I headed back out to the heat.

Not going to lie, it slowed me down.

I had originally planned to try to hit Disney Springs today too, but I just couldn’t imagine how I was going to last as I was up at 3am.

Just before 2pm, I headed to the front of Epcot and hopped on a bus headed to Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

I needed a break from the heat already- so It’s Tough To Be A Bug is always fantastic for that!

The Finding Nemo show was recently reimagined and reopened and I wanted to check it out. It was a favorite of my family’s and I wanted to see the changes. It’s much shorter than it was, but still adorable and a GREAT refuge from the heat. The talent in that show is incredible and never seems to get the recognition as Lion King does, which is a shame. Both shows are amazing in their own right.

After the show, I headed to back to Corondo Springs. Tricia was waiting for me at Rix Sports Bar & Grill with a Diet Coke and Nachos. It was perfect to cool down and relax after the heat of the day. I wasn’t out too much but the Florida heat is no joke.

We also ordered some pot stickers and loaded fries- AMAZING
Why not a round of Margarita Shots?
Our Room, Tricia gives the tour

We were meeting friends later for dinner in Epcot and by 7pm, we were back at Epcot- but it was STORMING and just not letting up. We decided to board a bus headed to the Beach Club for dinner where we were able to meet another good friend before enjoying dinner at Beaches and Cream.

Who doesn’t get ice cream at Beaches and Cream? Ya, that would be Tricia and I, LOL!

It was a late night with an early wake-up call…. but it was great to be back at Walt Disney World…. even if only for a day.

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