The MSC Divina ~an Ocean View Stateroom and their Kids’ Spaces

Last week, my business partner, Tricia, and I were invited to tour MSC Cruise Line’s ship, Divina.

1The Divina was docked in New York City, making her way up the US coastline from Miami, headed to Europe for the summer. In the Fall, Divina will sail year round from Miami with ports of call in the Caribbean and Bermuda. This event was scheduled to showcase how MSC has designed this ship Keeping the North American guests in mind. There are plenty of activities, pools, and dining options on board as well as cleverly designed kids clubs and adult spaces. One attractive feature is the price point on Divina starts at $499 per person!

We began our tour with a gasp- first seeing Divina’s Swaroski Crystal Staircase- with each step valued at $30,000!

spring 2015 106 spring 2015 107The Divina Reception area on Deck 5 is stunning. Here you will also find a piano, The Divina Bar and a Cyber Cafe.

spring 2015 116 spring 2015 117The first place we were headed to was to see a stateroom- an ocean view stateroom just down the hall, #5048. This room sleeps 4, with the third and forth guests sleeping in bunks that are hidden in the ceiling!spring 2015 124 spring 2015 125spring 2015 128 spring 2015 129spring 2015 132We found the rooms to be pretty spacious and well laid out, nice and light too.

Next up, the kids’ spaces.Did you know MSC has a “kids under 11 sail free” policy? Kids sailing in a stateroom with two qualifying adults sail free!

Here is a sample of what is available:


spring 2015 136 spring 2015 137spring 2015 142 spring 2015 143 spring 2015 145The younger kids have a separate space that even includes some outdoor space, Wii, legoes, and so much more!

Scan0003 Scan0004 Scan0005 Scan0006 Scan0007 Scan0008Scan0009001spring 2015 191 spring 2015 192 spring 2015 195spring 2015 199 spring 2015 200 spring 2015 197spring 2015 203 spring 2015 204 spring 2015 207 spring 2015 208spring 2015 211 spring 2015 212 spring 2015 214So where can the adults go to have some fun? Stay tuned for more of our tour!

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