Tour of the Disney Magic, part four – Topsider Buffet, Mickey & Goofy Pools

Beginning on deck 9 aft, you will find Topsider Buffet.

Topsiders is open upon boarding through 3:15 should you choose to dine here first for lunch on the first day of your cruise. It is a traditional American Buffet for breakfast and lunch. At dinner (should you miss your scheduled seating or want to try something different) it is a more traditional table service restaurant. No resrevations are required to dine here nor is there an upcharge (this is included in your cruise price).

Moving just past the door onto the deck, you are greeted by the FREE beverage station. Here is where you can fill your cup 24 hours a day and the cost is included in your cruise price. Again, you can fill up as often as you like at no extra charge.

Moving forward you come across the Mickey Pool and Slide.

 Nearby, you will find Pinocchio’s Pizzeria and Pluto’s Dog House that serves classic American fare like pizza, hamburgers, and chicken for lunch and dinner from 12 noon into the evening. These are also included in your cruise price and you can visit as often as you’d like throughout your cruise at no additional cost.

Moving forward, you come to the Goofy Pool (family pool). This pool is 4 feet deep and include 2 whirlpools and the funnel vision which plays movies throughout your cruise.

Stay tuned for more of our tour and luncheon on board! And for more information about cruising on the Magic, including sailing from$499 PER PERSON IN SEPTEMBER from New York to Canada on the Disney Magic, please contact Castle Dreams Travel .

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