“Walk in Walt’s Disneyland Footsteps” Guided Tour

There are so many private theme park tours you can take, but I can tell you from personal experience- the Walk in Walt’s Disneyland Footsteps tour is a must-do for any Disney or History Lover. During this tour, you discover what inspired Walt Disney to create Disneyland Park—his first theme park and original Magic Kingdom. I was lucky enough to take this tour during the Disneyland Diamond Celebration, which made it seem a bit more special…


You meet your guides just inside the park, to your left.
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Once you check in, you pick your lunch, which is served at the end of the tour.

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The tour begins on Main Street, with your guide explaining the significance of the names on the windows that line the street.


IMG_5901Then we walked over the the firehouse, where you will find Walt’s apartment just above. In the window you will always find the light left on for Walt,


or at the holidays- a Christmas Tree is lit in his memory…

IMG_5902 IMG_5904 IMG_5907

As you stroll up Main Street USA you guide will gives you little details on the decor and history- which seemed especially magical during the holidays..

IMG_5908 IMG_5910

Can you spot the speakers?


By the time you reach the Partners Statue, it is as if  you are meeting an old friend.


Sleeping Beauty Castle is just magnificent…



Even from behind!


We strolled over to Alice in Wonderland- here they have updated the attraction to what most of the “dark rides” will include. This is an adorable ride- and on this tour- we were able to skip the line!

IMG_5930 IMG_5932





We took our time walking through the park, listening to Walt’s voice explaining everything we saw and plans he had for the park. it was truly magical.

We took particular note of one of the park’s original attractions, The Mark Twain Riverboat…


Nearby, you will be able to see Walt’s 31st wedding anniversary gift to his wife, Lillian. A year later she asked to have it placed inside the park- where it still can be visited today…

IMG_5939 IMG_5940

We then made it over to New Orleans Square, which is extraordinary during the


IMG_5945 IMG_5947

We were now on our way inside the Dream Suite! The suite has it’s own Cast Member who watches over it. all day, every day. The suite has 2 enchanted bedrooms and bathrooms, plus a marvelously decorated living room and historic balcony overlooking the square.

IMG_5948 IMG_5949

We were only permitted to take 1 picture, in the living room- with an enchanted fireplace…


We took one on the staircase outside too…


From there we headed over to Club 33 and some more history. This eatery was envisioned by Walt Disney, who drew inspiration from the executive lounges at the 1964 New York World’s Fair, the club opened in 1967 and has since held a place of mystery and legend among Disneyland park guests. Club 33 members enjoy exclusive sneak peeks at park enhancements and new attractions, and the availability to use VIP tour guides, itinerary planning services, valet parking and complimentary hotel upgrades.

IMG_5958 IMG_5959 IMG_5960


I just loved the decor of New Orleans Square…

IMG_5963 IMG_5964

It was a quick walk over to the Haunted Mansion for another attraction where we skipped the line. Again, with a Christmas overlay the ride really does seam more magical…


We then made it back up Main Street USA and The Opera House, typically known for Great Moments with Mr Lincoln, but we were there to visit Walt’s Bench. This is the very bench Walt envisioned Disneyland…

IMG_5969 IMG_5970


From here we enjoyed our lunch at the Jolly Holiday Bakery and were sent off to enjoy our day. I cannot recommend this tour enough. At the end of the tour, we received a beautiful pin to remind us of our day.

IMG_6456 IMG_6457 IMG_6458

The tour lasts 3 hours and costs $109 with discounts for Disney Visa cardholders and AP holders.

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