Walt Disney World’s Bounce Back Offers

A “bounce back offer” is a discounted vacation offer Disney World Resort guests find inside the welcome packet they receive at check-in. It is an attached insert in the middle of the “Be Our Guest Guide”that they can only take advantage of if they book it during their current stay. If your packet does not include one of these offers, ask a cast member at the front desk if a bounce back offer is available. These offers generally have indicated what might be released to the general public later during the year.

This past week, we received an offer of 35% off deluxe resorts and villas; 30% off moderate resorts. The dates included are: 4/14-5/21; 5/28-6/8; 8/4-10/5; 10/20-11/2; 11/17-11/23; 11/30-12/4; 12/15-12/19. What we particularly found interesting was this is not a free dining offer for late August into September as has been expected. We also did not receive an offer to stay in a value resort. Plus, if you look at the dates again most of June and all of July is not discounted at all.

In September 2012, guests who were staying at a Walt Disney World Resort received bounce back offers to return this August that included the Free Dining offer. However, the travel dates were different depending upon where you were staying on property. Current guests have NOT reported receiving this type of offer which leads us to assume the free dining promotion might not be released this year as it typically has in the past.

Take a look at last week’s offer…Scan0024

This DOES NOT mean that travel for June and July will not be discounted. Disney is just closely guarding their plans for that travel period or that the dates that have been released to the bounce back offer has had lack luster sales and they need to fill those rooms sooner rather than later. June and July are typically busier months and might not need they help a bounce back offer can give to reservations.

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