Walt Disney World has begun testing “limiting refillable mug usage”

Disney has begun testing “limiting refillable mug usage” in Disney’s All Star Sports Resort. Now,  newly purchased mugs will only work for a certain period of time (it does not appear to be tied to a reservation either). After this time-period has passed, the cups (along with
any others including older refillable mugs) will only receive ice and water from drink dispensers. Computer chips are hidden in the newer mugs that can be recognized and determine if it is usable. A five-minute time period will be put into effect which limits one from filling the mug, drinking or pouring it into another container, and refilling immediately, this should also cut down on the abuse of the system as well. Disposable cups purchased for drinks may also have the chips in them as they will only be usable for a limited time.

From MiceChat, “Machine setup is a bit different. No more “PUSH” buttons, instead just put your mug or cup against the new, longer, levers and your drink will dispense. “

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