We told you first! More on Disney Parks’ My Magic+

In July, 2011 we reported about the wristbands that are coming to the Walt Disney World Resort: https://whatsupwiththemouse.com/custom-wrist-bands-instead-of-room-cards/

The New York Times and the Disney Parks Blog reported, today, more specifics that is being called My Magic+.  As we reported a year and a half ago, the wrist bands will replace room key cards which now serve as your room key, park tickets, and Dining plan vouchers.  With the new wrist band, you can even have access to your FastPass+ selections and your PhotoPass cards.


This new wrist band can also help Disney rack your whereabouts and likes during your stay as you use your card. What ride and attractions did you ride and when can all be tracked and recorded on this wrist band. Additionally, with parents’ permission at character meet and greets, the characters can greet the child by name and identify if your child is celebrating anything special as well.  Guests will also be able to interact with some of the new animatronics at some of the waiting areas for the newer Disney attractions such as the new Journey of Under the Sea, the Little Mermaid you will get the chance to talk a bit with Scuttle while waiting. Of course, these wrist bands will become collectors items- as most Disney Parks memorabilia is- so expect collectible sets of  wrist band accessories and charms.


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