Where is the Free Dining Offer?!?!?

That was the sighs heard around the Disney circles this morning when the long rumored Disney Visa, free dining discount was not released this morning.

What is Free Dining? Check out the past offers:

Free Dining Plan Offer at the Walt Disney World Resort

2013 WDW and DL rates PLUS Free Dining

Walt Disney World’s FREE DINING OFFER has been EXTENDED through March!

Castle Dream Travel planners spoke to several agents at Disney’s Central Reservations Office yesterday and they all said it was not going to be released today and they are on mandatory overtime from December until July, so don’t judge anything by their schedules as to when a discount code will be released. Castle Dreams Travel has said their opinion is the rumored release dates haven’t made sense all along (Disney Visa on May 1 / General public 7th). If they release on Friday, they will open up to everyone on Tuesday. Otherwise it’ll be released on Monday (Visa) and general release on Wednesday. It would be EXTREMELY rare for them to release it to Disney Visa for that many days before general public.

Please contact Castle Dreams Travel for the most up to date information on anything and everything regarding your Disney Destination vacation!

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Copyright Disney.


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