Wonder what the new Disability Access Service cards look like?

Here it is! One of Castle Dreams Travel’s owners is in Walt Disney World now testing out the new Disability Access Service Cards with her family.


Right now, the photo isn’t required & you can opt out of having it taken.

Basically, the wait time is determined when you arrive- once you get to an attraction if the standby wait is 30 minutes, you are given a pass to come back at 30 minutes. What you do in that 30 minutes is up to you- shop, eat, or you can try another ride or attraction with a shorter wait time (It’s a Small World never has a wait, etc).

As far as wait times for kids on the Autism spectrum, who in particular have a hard time waiting, what is available is the traditional fast pass as well as fast pass+ where you can pre-select up to 3 attractions before you leave home. If you combine all 3 options, it is an ideal situation for those in that particular situation. As always, guests can visit Guest Relations to discuss their individual needs if this new system doesn’t fit their needs.

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